Nomos Metro Neomatik

The Nomos Metro Neomatik watch, which is my favorite model from the recently launched Nomos Neomatik range, is a timepiece that has a good chance of surviving fashion's cyclical changes. It's always been difficult to find enduring elegance. When we look back in time for ideas, it seems that the early twentieth century was awash in predominantly trendy men, women, and artifacts. But that's because we're looking at history

Tissot PR100 Watch Review & Guide

Before we get into this post, it's important to note that the Tissot PR100 is a watch set that includes a wide range of timepieces. The date version is the most common, but it's also available as a chronograph. Although we'll concentrate on the most popular and classic PR100, the date model, the information presented here applies to all PR100 watches, regardless of style or edition. Furthermore, the PR100 watches can be order

Breitling Navitimer World

In 1952, the Breitling Navitimer was first introduced. It was one-of-a-kind because it featured a clever circular sliderule that enabled pilots of the time to make crucial and life-saving calculations. We now live in a world where technology can make and respond to these aeronautical calculations automatically. The Navitimer, on the other hand, is as famous as it has ever been. This is due to the original's geniu

Omega Speedmaster Plexi

If you're reading this, it's likely that you've taken the same path as many others and are now considering an Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch. And you should, because it's a fantastic watch with unrivaled heritage and surprisingly good value. But there's a stumbling block, and it's one that will stare you down every day you wear your Moonwatch. And the question is whether you should get one with a Hesalite crystal or one with a sapphire crystal. The fragile innards of a watch n

Glashütte Original Sixties

In New York, back in 2017, Glashütte Original debuted a brand new limited edition series of chronographs, the Iconic Sixties Square, amidst an unexpected but fitting flurry of snow. The watch is available in five different colors and styles, each with a squared-off cushion case and a bright dial. These are very similar to what the Sixties collection has been doing for years, but they offer something a little different and special. Here's a sneak peek at the new limited editio

Breitling Navitimer Rattrapante

The new chronograph Caliber B03 with split-seconds feature was introduced by Breitling in its flagship Navitimer. We checked this manufacture caliber in a stainless-steel model with an exclusive bronze-colored dial in this cover feature from our archives. It appears to be an ordinary Navitimer chronograph at first glance, a style that has been a common symbol for the past 55 years. A fluted, bidirectional rotatable bezel with a light-colored flange marked with a logarithmic